Fighting Youth Unemployment through Sports for Development – Palestine (West Bank & East Jerusalem)

  • Awartani, Tamara (Projektleiter*in)



Palestine is a country that is under lots of political and economic pressure associated with conflict and oppression from both the Israeli occupation and internal struggles between Fatah and Hamas political parties, thus the Palestinian society and especially youth have become increasingly split and suffering from many divisions and obstacles. One result is a very high unemployment rate amongst youth (39%). The dissertation will explore and analyse the role of sports for development (S4D) and the different interventions of S4D in increasing youth competencies and employability skills by focusing on the theoretical aspect of the education and employment system in Palestine, as well as comprehensive data from the field; youth, decision makers, policies, and statistics. It will also give an insight on the history of Palestine, the political implications, the economic and socio-cultural contexts, living conditions and youth immigration, the vocational education mindset and approach, and youth policies.
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