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The aim of the current project was to detect a joint specific pattern of power generation using two vertical jump maneuvers, simulating two different kinds of muscle-tendon unit functionalities (concentric vs. eccentric/concentric).


Leistungsfähigkeit der Beinstreckmuskulatur (3D Kinemetrie und Dynamometrie):
09/2008, 08/2009, 06/2010, 09/2010, 07/2011, 09/2011, 07/2012, 09/2012, 07/2013, 09/2013

Zentrale Forschungsergebnisse

The averaged contribution of power generation in countermovement jumping for the hip, knee and ankle joint was 25%, 36%, 39% for the left and 33.5%, 34%, 32.5% for the right leg, which is almost a 1/3 distribution. Unexpectedly, the squat jump performance showed quite similar results (left leg: 29%, 32%, 39%; right leg: 34%, 33.5%, 32.5%) in comparison to the countermovement jump, which is notably because of their different kinds of contraction behaviour (concentric versus eccentric/concentric).
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