Objective Measurement of MS Fatigue



Although MS fatigue is the most disabling symptom amongst ambulatory persons with multiple sclerosis, there is currently no method of identifying, measuring and/or treating MS fatigue. The goal of this project is to investigate, standardize and validate an established test of movement behavior as an objective measurement of MS fatigue.


The Movement Analysis Scales and Test (i.e., BAST), a standardized test of movement behavior developed by Professor Dr. med. Hedda Lausberg at the German Sport University Cologne, is being investigated as an objective tool for measuring MS fatigue. Forty individuals with MS and forty neurotypical individuals matched for age, BMI, and education level will undergo BAST testing at the University while being videotaped in 360 degrees. This cutting-edge system of 360° videorecording and combined system for automated movement recognition is currently being developed by Mr. Christian Büning and Mr. Mike Baumgart. In the BAST fatigue module, the automated recording and analyses will show whether and how individuals with MS manifest MS fatigue during this 10-minute physical and cognitive test.
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