Blood-Based Biomarkers for Managing Workload in Athletes: Perspectives for Research on Emerging Biomarkers

Nils Haller, Thomas Reichel, Philipp Zimmer, Michael Behringer, Patrick Wahl, Thomas Stöggl, Karsten Krüger, Perikles Simon

Publikation: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftZeitschriftenaufsätzeForschungBegutachtung


At present, various blood-based biomarkers have found their applications in the field of sports medicine. This current opinion addresses biomarkers that warrant consideration in future research for monitoring the athlete training load. In this regard, we identified a variety of emerging load-sensitive biomarkers, e.g., cytokines (such as IL-6), chaperones (such as heat shock proteins) or enzymes (such as myeloperoxidase) that could improve future athlete load monitoring as they have shown meaningful increases in acute and chronic exercise settings. In some cases, they have even been linked to training status or performance characteristics. However, many of these markers have not been extensively studied and the cost and effort of measuring these parameters are still high, making them inconvenient for practitioners so far. We therefore outline strategies to improve knowledge of acute and chronic biomarker responses, including ideas for standardized study settings. In addition, we emphasize the need for methodological advances such as the development of minimally invasive point-of-care devices as well as statistical aspects related to the evaluation of these monitoring tools to make biomarkers suitable for regular load monitoring.

ZeitschriftSports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.)
PublikationsstatusElektronisch/ online veröffentlicht vor Drucklegung - 21.06.2023


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