Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Healthy Adults-Possible Applications in Health Care, Wellness, and Sports

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INTRODUCTION: Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems were primarily developed for patients with diabetes mellitus. However, these systems are increasingly being used by individuals who do not have diabetes mellitus. This mini review describes possible applications of CGM systems in healthy adults in health care, wellness, and sports.

RESULTS: CGM systems can be used for early detection of abnormal glucose regulation. Learning from CGM data how the intake of foods with different glycemic loads and physical activity affect glucose responses can be helpful in improving nutritional and/or physical activity behavior. Furthermore, states of stress that affect glucose dynamics could be made visible. Physical performance and/or regeneration can be improved as CGM systems can provide information on glucose values and dynamics that may help optimize nutritional strategies pre-, during, and post-exercise.

CONCLUSIONS: CGM has a high potential for health benefits and self-optimization. More scientific studies are needed to improve the interpretation of CGM data. The interaction with other wearables and combined data collection and analysis in one single device would contribute to developing more precise recommendations for users.

Seiten (von - bis)2030
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 05.03.2022


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