Exercise and the Brain: enhancing space mission safety, increasing academic achievement and preventing neurodegenerative diseases.

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Currently two major challenges are impacting human health in the western societies, one being a move towards a sedentary society, the second one being longevity. Both have a considerable impact on physical as well as mental health.
There is increasing evidence that physical activity does not only improve physical but also mental (cognitive and affective) health and physical activity is also discussed playing a prominent role in preventing neurodegeneration.
Living in extreme environments like Space or Antarctica allows for a time-lapse assessment of the effects of ageing and a sedentary lifestyle on mental performance and well-being. A transfer of these results into everyday life (e.g. school sport, exercise for the elderly) allows emphasizing the importance of an active life-style and regular physical activity for brain health and stressing its relevance for socio-economic and health-political decisions of the upcoming years.
TitelAnnual PERFORM conference : Book of Abstracts
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2014
VeranstaltungAnnual PERFORM conference - Physical Activity and Brain Functions - Montreal, Kanada
Dauer: 09.05.201409.05.2014
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