How Should Web-Based Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Interventions be Designed for Young Office Workers? A Qualitative Approach

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Most young office workers do not reach current guidelines for physical activity (PA)
and healthy eating. They find themselves in a critical phase of life which is characterized
by changing daily routines and new demands. Web-based interventions
are a promising approach aimed at promoting healthy behaviors. Nevertheless,
usage and efficacy are often low and short-term. Target group participation is of
growing importance to identify expectations and preferences of potential users.
Four focus groups were conducted with 36 young office workers (apprentices).
The discussions were audio-recorded, transcribed and analyzed by two researchers
following the method of structuring content. Young office workers are looking
for health information regarding PA and healthy eating which can be integrated
into everyday life. The content should be available in an up-to-date mix of multimedia.
Themes for increasing platform usage are: interactivity, regular updates,
possibility of documentation, individualization, a calendar option with regular
sports events, a location finder and a reminder function to stay motivated. Furthermore,
it is also mentioned that smartphone suitability and credibility are basic
prerequisites for using a potential intervention. This present study makes an important
contribution regarding the conception of future web-based interventions
for young office workers.

Keywords: Young office workers; Health promotion; Web-based interventions;
Participation; Focus groups; Prevention
ZeitschriftJournal of Healthcare Communications
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2018