Influence of age on left-hand grasping in different behavioral contexts

Benjamin Baak, Paul Benjamin Schulze, Fabian Steinberg, Otmar Leo Bock

    Publikation: Beitrag zu einer KonferenzPoster


    Our group recently introduced a paradigm for comparing the execution of grasping movements
    with the same physical constraints in two different behavioral contexts, once as a
    typical laboratory task and once as an everyday-like task. We found that movement kinematics
    differed substantially between contexts, and the differences were reduced by factor
    analysis to five orthogonal components. The context difference was even larger in elderly
    participants; here we investigate if this holds even if the left (non-dominant) hand is used
    for grasping. We found that with the left hand, context-dependence of grasping still existed
    but was no longer larger in old age. Factor analysis again traced the context-dependence
    back to multiple orthogonal factors.
    We suggest that young subjects possibly improve their left-hand performance in the laboratory
    context by devoting substantial attention to the task; this strategy is not available in
    the everyday context, which increases the context dependence of that age group.
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2013
    VeranstaltungConference of Experimental Psychologists - Gießen, Deutschland
    Dauer: 31.03.201401.04.2014
    Konferenznummer: 56


    KonferenzConference of Experimental Psychologists