Learning Football for Good: The Development and Evaluation of the Football3 MOOC

Louis Moustakas*, Lisa Kalina

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Over the last two decades, sport has become a recognised tool to achieve sustainable development outcomes. Known as sport for development (SFD), this approach can broadly be defined as the intentional use of sport to achieve development objectives. Many SFD organisations implement methods that seek to achieve developmental goals by reorienting sport away from its competitive aspects and encouraging participation, fair play and communication. Of these methods, football3 is arguably the most widespread. Despite its popularity, there remain challenges in its implementation. As a result, there have been numerous calls to develop educational materials and opportunities around football3. In response, the football3 for all project led to the development and launch of a freely accessible, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). However, there is still little knowledge about how online learning approaches are used in SFD, how they accommodate the practical and social nature of SFD, and whether they optimise student learning. Using findings from feedback surveys and focus group discussions, we present results from the development and evaluation of the football3 MOOC. The findings suggest a high level of satisfaction with the course, but also a need for practical tools and exchange to improve delivery on the pitch.
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 11.02.2022


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