Molekulare und biologische Grundlage zum Einfluss von Sport auf die Krebsentstehung

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General physical activity and physical exercise have become a meaningful supportive therapy in oncology, since they have proven to reduce several disease- and treatment-specific side effects and to increase patients’ quality of life. Ample evidence from epidemiological investigations suggests that regular physical activity significantly decreases cancer risk and mortality. However, prospective randomized controlled trials are still lacking. Of note, such trials have many trapdoors and are more complex than usual pharmaceutical trials. In order to improve general physical activity and exercise recommendations, more mechanistic research is urgently needed. Against this background, this article will provide an overview on mechanistic studies, investigating the impact of exercise interventions on tumorgenesis and the progress of disease. In addition to alterations in systemic inflammatory signaling, the activation of tumor-competetive lymphocytes as well direct effects on the tumor microenvironment will be discussed.
ZeitschriftDer Gastroenterologe
Seiten (von - bis)332-339
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 01.09.2019

Fachgebiete und Schlagwörter

  • Carcinogenesis
  • Immune system
  • Inflammation
  • Physical exercise
  • Tumor microenvironment