Normalizing KPIs Based on Possesion

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Batch analysis is one of steps in the design and implementation of batch process plants – an S88 based – analysis of batch processes from the control point of view. It is between the conceptual design of the batch process (PFD or P&I) and the start of the design of the control system (design of instrumentation, control hardware and software). Its objective is to fill the gap almost always found between the formulation of requirements and the specification of the actual implementation by transforming user requirements into “process-based” detailed functional requirements. It has several advantages when these problems are handled, not by software engineers, rather by batch control analysts who are closer to the plant and has deeper knowledge of the process. In former batch systems this problem was solved instinctively by the engineers developing control software based on their earlier experience. Systematic design, however, allows finding an optimal or close to optimal solution in an easier and more manageable way. The method described in the paper is a new approach in batch engineering practice. Its exact formulation was made possible by the introduction of the S88. 01 standard. The application of the proposed approach can bring several benefits, like optimal control structure, well-structured and shorter software code, reduced debugging needs, simplified design and implementation as well as increased system reliability.
TitelMatch Analysis : How to Use Data in Professional Sport
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