The Biopsychology – Nonlinear Analysis Toolbox: A free, open-source Matlab-toolbox for the non-linear analysis of time series data

Christian Beste, Tobias Otto, Sven Hoffmann

Publikation: Andere BeiträgeSoftwareForschung


We provide a free, open-source toolbox for non-linear time series analyses. The major goal of this project was to provide a toolbox for nonlinear time series analyses that is easily accessible to a wide range of neuroscientists. The toolbox offers modular, powerful and flexible algorithms embedded in an easy to handle graphical user interface (GUI). The toolbox can be run within the Matlab environment, but also as stand-alone solution without reference to a programming environment that is also usable for different PC operating systems (Windows and Linux). The Biopsychology--Nonlinear Analysis Toolbox and documentation are available freely and open-source from
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2010