Alliance for Improving LGBT+ Inclusion in sports to win together

Project details

Research objective

The general All-In&Win objective is contributing to LGBT+ acceptance in sports and creating a safe and inclusive sports climate (with a particular focus on athletes’ wellbeing).

Research method

Quantitativer Online Survey und qualitative Fokusgruppen
Evaluationsforschung (needs assessment, quantitativer Survey, Fokusgruppen)
Short titleAll In & Win
Effective start/end date01.06.2230.11.24

Collaborative partners

  • German Sport University Cologne
  • Institut für Soziologie und Genderforschung, DSHS (Project partner)
  • European Football for Development Network (lead)
  • European Hockey Federation (Project partner)
  • Czech Hockey Federation (Project partner)
  • Catalan Hockey Federation (Project partner)
  • Romanian Football Federation (Project partner)
  • University of Cyprus (Co-applicant)
  • John Blankenstein Foundation (Project partner)