Aquatic Literacy For All Children

  • Potdevin, François (Spokesperson)
  • Mekkaoui, Léa (Project staff)
  • Vogt, Tobias (Project manager of a subproject)
  • Staub, Ilka (Project staff)
  • D'Hondt, Eva (Project manager of a subproject)
  • De Martelaer, Kristine (Project staff)
  • Van Droogenbroeck, Linde (Project staff)
  • Vilas-Boas, Juan Paulo (Project manager of a subproject)
  • Soares, Susana (Project staff)
  • Costa, Mário (Project staff)
  • Costa, Aldo M. (Project manager of a subproject)
  • Garrido, Nuno Domingos (Project manager of a subproject)
  • Rejman, Marek (Project manager of a subproject)
  • Kwaśna, Anna (Project staff)
  • Rudnik, Daria (Project staff)
  • Olstad, Bjørn Harald (Project manager of a subproject)

Project details

Research objective

ALFAC project is a European partnership gathering researchers, pedagogues and stakeholders, aiming to improve and promote the quality of aquatic education for children (6-12 years old), by meeting the dual challenges of protecting children from drowning while motivating them to engage in aquatic activities.
Effective start/end date01.09.2231.08.25

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