Child Abuse in Sport – European Statistics (CASES)

  • Hartill, Mike (Project manager)
  • Adami, Paolo (Project partner)
  • Allroggen, Marc (Project partner)
  • Diketmüller, Rosa (Project partner)
  • Lamby, Elena (Project partner)
  • Lang, Melanie (Project partner)
  • Sage, Daniel (Project partner)
  • Molyneux, Jayne (Project partner)
  • Montserrat, Martin (Project partner)
  • Rulofs, Bettina (Project partner)
  • Neeten, Marilen (Project staff)
  • Vertommen, Tine (Project partner)
  • Kampen, Jarl (Project partner)
  • Stativa, Ecaterina (Project partner)


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Social Sciences

Medicine and Dentistry

Nursing and Health Professions