Personal motivation at work

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    This project („motivation in working qualifications“) was about the meaning of regulatory focus (Higgins, 1997) in the operational-industrial context. In the context of the cooperation with the BASF-SE (March 2011 – August 2013), studies were undertaken that investigated the fit between manipulated operational qualification papers and the regulatory orientation of the employees. Furthermore, the evaluation of a Change-Process was undertaken in various companies: During the Change-Process, a new qualification concept was implemented and the employees were given new roles. The goal of the evaluation was to formulate action recommendations, to optimize the implementation of the Change-Process and additionally to encourage the motivation of the employees.

    The involved BASF-department thankfully received the formulated action recommendations, which have already been integrated to the working process. Furthermore, the role of the Regulatory Focus (Higgins, 1997) in a dynamic context of a Change-Process has been investigated for the first time in the context of this evaluation.

    The project was also able to show, that the combination of scientific orientation and research can be compatible and successful in a practically oriented cross field context.
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