Free-living human gait analysis using thigh-worn accelerometers

Project details

Research objective

This projects aims to evaluate the use of thigh-worn accelerometers for human gait analysis under free-living conditions. We aim to validiate existing algorithmic approaches (Gurchiek et al. 2020 & 2019) to indentify gait events under free-living conditions and varying intensities in the laboratory. Further, we aim to apply these approaches to other activities (e.g. cycling).

Research method

Triaxial acceleration data of the thigh will be gathered during laboratory and free-living conditions. Force-sensing insoles will be used to identify gait events and stride times as reference.

Research key findings

The project output encompasses our code implementations of different algorithms using open-source Python code. The results of this project including the code implementations and results will be shared using a publicly accessible data repository.
Effective start/end date01.01.2330.06.24