Graduate School of Embodied Choices Cologne

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Research objective

Consider how important the body is in making decisions, for instance when a driver receives constant feedback in their hands when navigating a busy road, a surgeon makes the decisive incision in a life-saving operation, or a free solo climber reaches for a grip.
Embodied choices are defined as choices which current and stored sensorimotor processes are used as important cues during the judgment and decision-making processes (Raab, 2017; Voigt et al., 2022). They are the application of the embodiment perspective on judgement and decision-making research. The embodiment perspective considers the body as critical for cognition, constituting a paradigm shift from compartmentalized, serial cognitive processes to cognitive processes which interact with developing and changing bodies and environments.

Research method

In our graduate school, we explore embodied choices in different domains, tasks, and environments by using a broad range of methodological approaches.
Effective start/end date01.07.2130.06.24


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