Innovative process chain to ensure work ability after total joint replacement

Project details

Research objective

The overarching goals of the rehapro model project are to promote patients' work ability and occupational participation after total hip and knee replacement. These overarching goals are addressed by an innovative rehabilitation, including a cross-sectoral process chain of routine services as well as innovative phases. The innovative phases include new therapy modules and individualised treatments.

Research method

The accompanying scientific evaluation is based on a mixed-methods approach and includes both a process (formative and qualitative) and an outcome (quantitative) evaluation.
The effectiveness of the process chain is examined in a controlled two-arm design with five points of measurement.
A formative evaluation is conducted to analyse barriers and facilitators for the process chain.
Qualitative evaluations aim to identify barriers and facilitators for the implementation of the process chain and its therapy modules from the perspective of different stakeholders.
Effective start/end date01.11.2131.10.26


  • total hip replacement
  • total knee replacement
  • occupational participation
  • rehabilitation
  • cross-sectoral collaboration


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