DFL Schiedsrichterleistungen

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Research objective

Referee performance is always an intensively discussed topic after soccer games. Game relevant decisions by referees in particular are reviewed, falsified and verified by the audience and moderators. The central goal of this project is to implement a longitudinal evaluation of referee performance regarding errors of perception and interpretation in game relevant scenes of Bundesliga seasons of the past years.
Furthermore, other factors that might influence referee performance will be included in the analysis (e.g. decision for or against the home team) and it will be differentiated between obvious and less obvious mistakes. Additionally, a tool for evaluation is supposed to be developed within this project to continue the analysis.
The referee education in Germany is supposed to be developed by means of this project in a scientific manner. Thereby, the project benefits the professional area and amateur sector on the one hand, but also supports youth referee training on the other hand.
Short titleDFL Schiedsrichterleistungen
Effective start/end date30.08.1531.05.16


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