Mind in motion

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Research objective

The „Mind in Motion“ profile’s focus is on the bidirectional relation between mental processes and movement. Following the mission statement of the German Sport University Cologne, research projects in this core research area address the leading themes performance and health. The individual and joint research projects gearing at basic research are concerned with integrating explanations of psychophysiological, neuropsychological and behavioral data against the background of sport as the common reference point. The research topics are predominantly developed from an interdisciplinary research perspective, aiming at integrating sports/movement science and disciplines of psychology, computer science, medicine, cognitive sciences, neurology or neuroscience in the context of movement.
Currently six institutes and their employees are involved in the core research area. The area stands out due to its long-term and extensive funding from the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG).
StatusNot started


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