Motivation in sports

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    Independent from existing abilities, human behavior in performance situations is often influenced by prevailing motivation. An already existing research project (since 2008) aims at optimizing sport performance from a fundamental scientific perspective (influence of stress on motivation and performance), an applied research perspective (higher performance / creativity in football and basketball via optimized instructions) as well as from a practical research perspective (motivation in operational qualification). The core of the project is the Regulatory Focus Theory by Higgins (1997), which assumes that there are two types of self-regulation when pursuing a goal: one promotion and one prevention focus, which can both lead to success. An advantage however arises and people are more successful if they are in situations according to their own chronic focus. This fit is defined as regulatory fit.

    In the frame of a cooperation with BASF SE (March 2011 – August 2013) the fit between manipulated operational qualification documents and the regulatory orientation of staff members was illustrated in a dynamic context of a change management process for the first time. The devised action recommendations were able to strengthen the staff members’ motivation and have already been implemented to the running change process.
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