The Athletes` Voice in History

  • Wassong, Stephan (Project manager)
  • Hess, Robert (Project partner)
  • Schneider, Angela (Project partner)

Project details

Research objective

From ancient times until today, athletes have been considered as the main protagonists of the sport system. The special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport focuses on this topic by analyzing various facets of this role ascribed to, and sought by, athletes, especially those in the orbit of the Olympic movement, including the Paralympics, Youth Olympic Games and Special Olympics. Possible research perspectives could address the following topics: > Institutional representation of athletes in national and international governing bodies of sport; > The dynamic between the media and athletes; > Athletes as role models; > The entourage of athletes; > Dual career paths for athletes; and > Discrimination toward, and protests by, athletes.

Research key findings

Effective start/end date01.05.2031.03.21