Die Werte eines Sportvereins: Eine Untersuchung von Sportvereinen anhand von Festschriften bezüglich ihrer Werte und deren Wandel

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Clubs play an important role in the organisation of sports in Germany. Apart from the physical development of their members (often recognized as promotion of health) clubs are often attributed to have further societal functions and values for example by politicians. Social and integrative powers are named as societal functions engagement, reliability, team spirit, fair play and tolerance as conveyed values.
A study conducted in the Ruhr area observing the time frame between 1960-2015 using a content analysis shows that not all of the above mentioned values are relevant in the Festschriften (commemorative publications of different writings and authors to honour a specific event within the clubs’ history) of the clubs.
Starting point of this dissertation is the question of values in sports clubs. To collect the values in sports clubs and to compare them to the values in sports in general one has to clarify and define the general values in sports. This dissertation uses the values of the Olympic idea and the values of German sports organisations as a definition for values in sports.
The values of the Olympic idea have been ascertained through the works of Coubertin, the societal understanding of the Olympic idea and a content analysis of the Olympic charter (Och) the constitution of the Olympic games. Key values of the Olympic idea are fairness, peace (international understanding), unity of body and soul and achieve-ment. Further values are especially mentioned in the Olympic charter.
To collect the values within German sports organisations the Deutsche Sportbund (DOSB) the Landessportbund Nordrhein-Westfalen (LSB NRW) and the Stadtsport-bund (SSB) Herne have been analysed. The values of the DOSB can be found in the bylaw and the rules for admittance as well as the DOSB ethical code. The values of the LSB NRW were taken out of the mission statement (2010) and the statutes (2015). In addition to these well known organisations the SSB Herne has published a collection called “Zukunft sichern – Werte halten Sportvereine zusammen und machen sie erst zu menschenwürdigen Orten” (Safe future – Values keep sports clubs together and turn them into humane places). This publication has also been used in this dissertation. Values which can be found in all areas of the analysed institutions are human dignity and tolerance.
In addition to these values – which can be perceived as the values of sports- the cate-gories of values according to Hillmann have to be named. Together these sets of values form the base for the analysis. The content analysis of 129 Festschriften from 107 sports clubs based in the Ruhr area shows that the central values of sports clubs are performance and honour. Life and children are also mentioned many times. These val-ues can be seen as the core values of all sports clubs analysed. A connection between the values of sport themselves and the values of sports clubs can only be found rudi-mentarily. The value performance which was also found within the framework of the values of sports can be described as a key value both in sports clubs and in sports in general. Other values of sports such as fairness, peace unity of body and soul, human dignity or tolerance are hardly ever mentioned in the Festschriften of sports clubs.
Different values are represented differently within the sports clubs. For example the value freedom is especially relevant for multi-branched sports clubs while it is irrele-vant for other categories of clubs. This shows that sports clubs not only differ in struc-ture but also in their values.
The achieved results of this dissertation can open the discussion. The low correlation between the values found in sports associations or the Olympic idea with the identified values of sports clubs in the Ruhr area is especially interesting.

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