Elektronische Systeme für ein professionelles Fußballteam: Von der Steuerung des Trainings-/Wettkampfprozesses bis zum Sport-Informationssystem

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Electronic systems now play an increasingly important role in the everyday life of a professional football team. In this connection, the following aspects were studied: 1) which electronic systems currently exist on the market and 2) how they can be systematised in the best possible manner. The topics discussed in this context are distributed over several areas. Firstly, theoretical clarity and comparability between the applied theories of sports science (“Leistungsdiagnostik“, “Spielanalyse“ and their Anglo-Saxon “counterparts“: “performance analysis“ and “match analysis“, including the concepts of “time-motion analysis“ and “training load“) was established based on the structural characteristics of the “Steuerung“ [Trainingssteuerung] theory (preliminary study I). This was followed by performance of a systematic mapping study (tertiary study), combined with market research, (study I). The “Steuerung“ [Trainingssteuerung] theory was used in order to delimit the research field. The results of study I include both an archive of the electronic systems compiled as part of the research and determination of the modern approaches to systematising the electronic systems (systematisation schemes currently circulating in science, as well as own developments in systematisation).
A further core element of the work may be characterised by the grand theory of the “information system“. Presentation of the development trends in the adjacent scientific domains, such as business informatics, medical informatics and media informatics, has increased the focus on the field of sports informatics and has provided new impetus for further development of the theory of the “information system“ in the field of sports (preliminary study III). These explanations formed a follow-up to the last study, in which the theory of the “sport information system“ was updated within the framework of theory-based exploration (study II). The “sport information system“ theory was structured by two systematisation schemes. The first reflects the structural elements of the “Steuerung“ [Trainingssteuerung] theory. The second is portrayed by the systematisation of the electronic systems portrayed as part of study I. By means of the updated theory of the “sport information system“ (using the integration approach), the mutual relationship of the individual classes of electronic system in addition to their dif- ferentiation from the offers of third-party providers was explained. All this markedly improves understanding of the systematisation of intended systems and allows full achievement of the second aim of the study.
Keywords: electronic systems; professional football; sports science; cyclic coaching process; systematics; computer science in sport; knowledge transfer; sport information system; integration; reference model
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PublisherDeutsche Sporthochschule Köln
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Publication statusPublished - 2021