Entwicklung einer Testbatterie zur Diagnostik und Steuerung der Schnelligkeit im Sportspiel Fußball

Jens Rehhagel

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In the spectrum of the conditional abilities of soccer players a great importance is attached to the running speed. It is the basis for many motions sequence and a selection criterion for players. This document pursues the goal of developing a diagnostics model in line with standard usage for the determination of soccer-specific speed.
Regarding the actual character of speed, the theoretical part of this document is concerned with definition problems and structuring the individual factors of speed.
To this multilayered ability complex belong in soccer among other things cyclic- and acyclic movement, coordination, as well as conditional abilities and cognitive components.
In the context of the empiric segment a questioning of 21 soccer coaches, to a large extent with highest international reputation, is the basis for the development of the test battery. Beyond that the characteristic of speed actions are analyzed by means of a systematic match analysis. In addition 669 actions in six matches of the final round of the UEFA Champions League as well as the UEFA Cup 2000/2001 are analyzed.
In the main part a soccer-specific test battery is provided after intensive discussion. Hereby, special attention is paid to the monitoring of selected procedures concerning their scientific quality criteria. 134 players from national leagues as well as youth players completed our test battery consisting of a linear sprint test and three soccer-specific tests. Subsequently, from the data as well as the realizations of the previous chapters recommendations for the training practice are deduced.

Original languageGerman
Place of PublicationKöln
PublisherDeutsche Sporthochschule Köln
Number of pages202
Publication statusPublished - 2011