Evaluation standardisierter und sportartspezifischer Diagnostik und Trainingsinterventionen in Bezug auf die aerobe Ausdauerleistungsfähigkeit und Sprunghöhe im Sportspiel.

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Multiple factors influence the on-court performance of team sport athletes. The present dissertation analysed selected metabolic and muscular factors of team sports in regards to diagnostic and training. For this purpose, two studies and a review paper were written and published in the context of the cumulative dissertation. In the first study different methods to determine oxygen uptake were compared. In the second study a basketball- specific training was evaluated. In the third publication previously performed training interventions to increase vertical jump performance were analysed through a meta- analysis.
The first study compared four different ramp tests and one step test on the treadmill. The load was carried in the ramp via:
i.) increased treadmill inclination and constant treadmill velocity
ii.) increasedtreadmillvelocitywhileholdingtheinclinationconstant
iii.) increased treadmill velocity followed by an increase in inclination
iv.) an individual exercise protocol in which the runner chose the inclination and ve-
No differences were determined between the different ramp protocols. The VO2max at- tained by employing an individual treadmill protocol does not differ from the values de- rived from various standardized incremental protocols.
In the second study the goal was to investigate the effects of a 5-week, basketball-specific high-intensity-training (HIIT) on aerobic performance in young female basketball play- ers. HIIT sessions were designed to include different high-intensity basketball drills con- sisting of fundamental skills, such as dribbling, passing, and shooting. A 5-week, basket- ball-specific HIIT improves the aerobic performance in young female basketball athletes.
In order to determine the effectiveness of previously published interventions and their influencing factors we performed a meta-analysis (study 3). The effect size (ES) was computed and the relationship between ESs and continuous variables was examined by meta-regressions, whereas subgroup meta-analyses and z-tests were used to assess the impact of categorical moderator variables. The meta-analysis included 14 studies with 20 subgroups and a total of 399 participants.
Abstract (English)
The present meta-analysis shows that resistance training throughout the year signifi- cantly improves vertical jump performance in healthy basketball players. Since vertical jump improvements were independent of when the resistance training interventions oc- curred during the year, but dependent on the duration of each individual training ses- sion, training strategy should be based on longer training sessions.
Within the scope of the dissertation, selected muscular and metabolic factors were ana- lysed in regard to diagnostic and training. Both sports-unspecific and sport-specific methods were investigated, to be transferred into practice.
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