Lehrplankonzept, Erziehender Sportunterricht und Fachkultur: Eine Trendstudie zum kompetenzorientierten Lehrplan der Sekundarstufe in Luxemburg

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Similar to Germany, a curriculum reform was carried out in Luxembourg as a result of disappointing results in international benchmarking studies. For example, an innovative curriculum concept was developed for the subject of sport at secondary level (in the period 2006-2009), which is competence-oriented and has integrated key features of education-oriented physical education. The individual reform steps of the syllabus (introduction, testing and implementation) were scientifically monitored in the sense of a (longitudinal) trend study. Taking recourse to the concept of recontextualization according to Fend – as an analysis slide of the present work – the main goal is to determine the implementation of the syllabus concept. A major focus of investigation is the integrated curriculum concept of education-oriented physical education. Through the perspective of disciplinary culture research and, in addition, professional and (transformational) educational research, the (internalised) thinking and action of the school participants must now be discussed; among other things, specific cultural thinking patterns of sports teachers are looked at, which in turn are linked to certain teaching practices and thus to the realisation or non-realisation of curricular requirements.
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