The Biomechanist: Your Network in Biomechanics

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Biomechanics is one of the disciplines that study the fundamentals of human life. Here, the structure, function and movement of biological structures are studied from the perspective of mechanics at all levels. Our research ranges from the internal function of single cells to the mechanical properties of tissues such as muscles, tendons, cartilage, and bones to the movement of limbs and whole organisms. We combine the knowledge of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, and neurosciences. Our research provides a basis for bioengineers, sports and medical technicians, doctors, physiotherapists, and coaches. If the sport and health sector were a computer program, we would be a crucial part of the backend. Nothing would work without us.

We have achieved a lot in the past decades. We have provided important information about movement patterns, joint forces, injury prevention and treatments 1. And yet there is still a lot of work to be done. For this, we need ever more in-depth knowledge from the individual disciplines that are united in biomechanics. We need a functioning communication network in which scientists can exchange information and get answers to problems that have been solved before. Further, if we want to let this discipline keep on growing and establishing its place in tomorrow’s society, we need a skilled next generation. We need bright minds who can think outside the box, combine existing knowledge and apply it to new areas.

But the problem with biomechanics as the backend of the sport and health sector is: no one from outside the field knows who we are and sees what we are doing. Even more crucial: High school students don’t even know that we are existing! And this holds true, even though biomechanics has the potential to be extremely fun, is applicable to everyday observations and combines many fields of interest.

In order to close this gap and to approach the Eadweard Muybridges of tomorrow, there are already some approaches, such as National Biomechanics Day, where various decentralized events are hosted for students. With our project "The Biomechanist", we want to make a further contribution. We have created an online platform where everyone can access knowledge on biomechanical topics permanently. These range from absolute basic knowledge to methodological tutorials and answers to very specific questions.

We cannot and do not want to gather this knowledge alone, which is why we see the platform as a network. Questions should be asked and answered here. User-based expertise from all areas of biomechanics should be compiled in articles, forum contributions and videos. And above all: the enthusiasm for our discipline should be passed on to the visitors.
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Title of host publicationAbstract Book : 9th World Congress of Biomechanics ; July 10-14, 2022, Taipei
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Event World Congress of Biomechanics - Taipei, Taiwan
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