Zur Funktionsweise von Sportevents - eine theoretisch-empirische Analyse der Entstehung und Rolle von Images sowie deren Interdependenzen zwischen Events und Destinationen

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Events can contribute to differentiate products and services due to their emotional component which is a characteristic of events and in particular of sport events. Destinations are competing in their tourism markets against each other and try to establish unique selling propositions (USP) in order to attract tourists. A sport event can represent an USP und strengthen the destination’s market position. This study analyses the effects of sport events focusing on the construction of sport event and destination images and the way they interact. A focal point is the image congruence between these two images and what conditions favour image congruence. A theoretical model was developed based on a literature review on the effects and peculiarities of sport events, the interdependencies of sport event and destination image and possible drivers for image congruence. Using a standardised, self-administered questionnaire, active and passive sport tourists were asked at 24 sport events in ten sports in Germany to indicate their image of the sport event and the hosting destination (n = 7,331). Confirmatory factor analyses revealed that there are seven common indicators for sport event and destination image. However, sport-specific differences and peculiarities could be detected. The two images influence future intention to revisit as structural equation models showed. Image values for the sport events were found to be higher than the image values for the destination. The image congruence was for all analysed events good to extremely good. The values on the congruence index showed values between 0.69 and 0.78 for the sport-specific studies. The overall image congruence can be reported with 0.74 on a scale from 0 (no fit) to 1 (perfect fit). Further sport-specific differences regarding the influence of variables on image congruence could be revealed. Implications for sport event and destination marketing are given based on the results.
Original languageGerman
Publication statusPublished - 2010