Action Program gene technology in competitive sport (AGICS): decision making for young athletes

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„Gene-Doping – Doping of the Future?“ is the title of a textbook containing educational material for both, teacher and teenage pupils. The book – also available in a digital edition – was released in 2013 within the context of the German project „Aktionsprogramm Gentechnologie im Leistungssport“ (= Action Program Gene Technology in Competitive Sports).

In beginning 2016 the textbook will be internationally published and promoted as a best practice model in schools, universities and other educational institutions. The textbook itself pioneers an increasingly important topic in a threefold approach, including ethical, juridical and scientific perspec- tive. It’s applicability is hence versatile, for example in the fields of ethics, religious education, philosophy, biology, chemistry or physical education.

Since the textbook initially goes back to a project funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research, it has not only been evaluated but also put into practice.
The experience made with 9th to 11th-class in German secondary schools revealed that the text-books material could easily be implemented into the respective curricula.
If you are engaged in education, feel concerned by the topic or have further interest
in the matter visit our website, contact us directly, or even become an affiliated member of our program and future projects. (IfPP)

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