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    Transferability of Dual-Task Coordination Skills after Practice with Changing Component Tasks

    Schubert, T., Liepelt, R., Kübler, S. & Strobach, T., 13.06.2017, in: Frontiers in psychology. 8, 12 S., 956.

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    Using slow-paced breathing to foster endurance, well-being, and sleep quality in athletes during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Borges, U., Lobinger, B., Javelle, F., Watson, M., Mosley, E. & Laborde, S., 13.05.2021, in: Frontiers in psychology. 12, S. 1-8 8 S., 624655.

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    When and How to Provide Feedback and Instructions to Athletes? - How Sport Psychology and Pedagogy Insights Can Improve Coaching Interventions to Enhance Self-Regulation in Training

    Otte, F. W., Davids, K., Millar, S-K. & Klatt, S., 14.07.2020, in: Frontiers in psychology. 11, 14 S., 1444.

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    When a Social Experimenter Overwrites Effects of Salient Objects in an Individual Go/No-Go Simon Task – An ERP Study

    Michel, R., Bölte, J. & Liepelt, R., 2018, in: Frontiers in psychology. 9, 16 S., 674.

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    Why Prediction Matters in Multitasking and How Predictability Can Improve It

    Bröker, L., Kiesel, A., Aufschnaiter, S., Ewolds, H., Gaschler, R., Haider, H., Künzell, S., Raab, M., Röttger, E., Thomaschke, R. & Zhao, F., 22.11.2017, in: Frontiers in psychology. 8, S. 1-4 4 S., 2021.

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    Commentary: Complex Motor Learning and Police Training: Applied, Cognitive, and Clinical Perspectives

    Staller, M. & Körner, S., 01.11.2019, in: Frontiers in psychology. 10, 3 S., 2444.

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    Editorial: The Psychophysiology of Action

    Hoffmann, S., Beste, C. & Raab, M., 31.05.2019, in: Frontiers in psychology. 10, MAY, S. 1266 2 S., 1266.

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