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    Age-dependent heuristic decision-making in sport/soccer

    Musculus, L., Raab, M. & Lobinger, B., 2016, in : Psychology of Sport and Exercise. 30 S.

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    Agency in the joint Simon task

    Porcu, E. & Liepelt, R., 2016, Abstracts of the 58th Conference of Experimental Psychologists. Funke, J., Rummel, J. & Voß, A. (Hrsg.). Pabst Science Publishers, S. 261 1 S.

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    Hoffmann, S. & Falkenstein, M., 2009, in : Psychophysiology. 46, S. S61-S62

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    Age-related differences in the perception of expressive movements in point-light displays of dancers

    Kaiser, R., Sevdalis, V. & Keller, P. E., 2012, The 35th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP 2012). Band 41. S. 189-190

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    Aging and error processing: age related increase in the variability of the error-negativity is not accompanied by increase in response variability

    Hoffmann, S. & Falkenstein, M., 01.01.2011, in : PloS one. 6, 2, S. e17482

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    Aktuelle Themen der Turnentwicklung

    Menze-Sonneck, A. & Heinen, T., 2011, Hamburg: Czwalina.

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    A lifespan perspective on embodied cognition

    Löffler, J., Cañal-Bruland, R. & Raab, M., 01.06.2016, in : Frontiers in psychology. 7, 6 S.

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    A link between cortisol and performance: An exploratory case study of a tennis match

    Lautenbach, F., Laborde, S., Klämpfl, M. & Achtzehn, S., 2015, in : INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY. 98, 2, Part1, S. 167-173 7 S.

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    Alle 11 Sekunden verliebt sich ein sensibler Single?

    Bröker, L., 02.11.2018

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