Dr. Sportwiss.

Andreas Mierau


Andreas Mierau

Gebäude: IG1 308

Telefon: +49 221 4982 4060


Neurophysiology (EEG: Spectral power, Time-Frequency analyses, Cortico-cortical and cortico-muscular coherence, Movement-related potentials)

Neuropsychology (Speed of information processing, Working memory, Action monitoring)

Cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2max, Lactate)

Sensorimotor motor skills (Gross and fine motor skills assessment across the lifespan)

Strength and Power (MVC, Power output)


"Movement, Sport and Brain" across the lifespan and different levels of expertise

  • Neural correlates of sport-related sensorimotor performance
  • Neural control of balance and human locomotion
  • Physical activity and neuro-cognitive functions
  • Motor-cognitive interactions 

ID: 6771

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