Christoph Bertling



Dr. Christoph Bertling is deputy head of the Institute of Communication and Media (IKM) at the German Sports University Cologne (DSHS). He has over ten years journalistic experience, working for big media companies (e.g. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt; Financial Times Deutschland, Spiegel Online, FAZ.net; Deutsche Welle (DW)). In research he mainly develops marketing, mass media and communication business strategies. In basic and applied research he works amongst media companies (e.g. Sky Deutschland; Red Bull Media House; Kitzbüheler Anzeiger, Sportinformationsdienst (sid)), public authorities (e.g. European Union, Council of Europe, Bundesministerium für Soziales und Arbeit), consultancies (e.g. Infront/HBS), sport federations (e.g. International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), European Handball Federation (EHF), German Football League (DFL), Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL), Deutscher Hockey-Bund (DHB), European Paralympic Committee (EPC)), foundations (e.g. CAFE/Uefa; Deutsche Sporthilfe), universities (e.g. University of Cambridge; Bejing Sports University).
Dr. Christoph Bertling is senior lecturer at German Sport University Cologne. He has published in addition to a few book publications in many different scientific journals in the research field communication, marketing, mass media and sports. Dr. Bertling is amongst other adminstrative functions member of the senate of the German Sports University, Board Director of ass (alumni Sportökonomie and Sportmanagement), reviewer for scientific journals. Among ohter awards he won the "Healt Media Award" in the field of "Science Communication" and three times the DSHS-Teachingaward for best lecture and seminar as well as especially strong commitment in the field of lecturing.

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