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Daniel Memmert



Prof. Dr. Daniel Memmert is professor and managing institute head of the Institute of Training and Computer Science in Sport at the German Sport University Cologne with a visiting professorship in 2014 at the University of Vienna (Austria). From 1999 to 2009 he was a scientific assistant and academic council of the Institute of Sport and Sports Science at the University of Heidelberg. In 2003 he received his PhD with the title "basic cognitions in team sports “(Award for Publications of Young Academics in Sport Science, bronze). He habilitated in 2008 at the Elite University of Heidelberg about „creativity in team sports" (DOSB-Award for Science, bronze). His research is focused on human movement science (cognition and motor activity), sport psychology (attention and motivation), computer science (pattern identification and simulation), children and adolescents research, team sports (Mediation and Education), evaluation research (Trainings-/Schul-Curricula) and research methods. He absolved several research stays (i.e. USA and Canada), won various awards (i.e. DOSB-Wissenschaftspreis bronze, Research Writing Award AAHPERD), recruited numerous of interdisciplinary cooperations (i.e. DFG, BISp), works in international Editorial Boards (i.e. PSE) and publishes in international Journals. From 2009 until 2013 he was head of the ASP (German Society for Sport Psychology e.V.). Since 2012 he is editor of the German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research (behavioural science sector) and since 2009 he is deputy speaker of the German Society of Sport Science commission in team sports. He has trainer licences in soccer, tennis, snowboard and alpine ski and is editor and author of several textbooks for modern soccer training.

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