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Lisa Musculus


Lisa Musculus

Am Sportpark Müngersdorf 6

50933 Köln



As a trained psychologist (University of Cologne and Konstanz), I was always fascinated by the influence of cognitive factors on sports performance, especially in children at a young age. In my research, I am now focusing on how cognitive and motor processes interact and develop during childhood, how they change with experience and whether they can predict future sports expertise. 




In my current projects, I want to better understand the interplay of sport specific and general cognitive processes and the relation to expertise in soccer, the interplay of cognitive and motor processes in climbing from a developmental perspective. Therefore, I conduct experiments, cross-sectional age comparisons, longitudinal and training studies combining cognitive and motor (vicon) measures.


DFG SPP 2134 "The Active Self" (RA-940/21-1):

Climbing to yourself: A developmental embodied cognition perspective on the relation between the minimal self and sensorimotor and cognitive skills



  • questionnaire construction and validation

  • multivariate statistics

  • linear mixed models
  • longitudinal data sets

  • objective fitness data (e.g. accelerometer)


Motor learning and development (lecture)

Sportpsychology (seminar, asp curriculum)

  • Sport psychological training

Health Psychology

  • Why goog intentions are not enough: models and interventions for health behavior change

Managing diversity

  • Performing sport with special needs

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