Rita Benker


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    Changes in knee adduction moment and knee joint alignment in the frontal plane by an ankle-foot-orthosis

    Fantini Pagani, C. H., Willwacher, S., Benker, R. & Brüggemann, G-P., 2013, Proceedings of the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB).

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    Swing phase mechanics of maximal velocity sprints – Does isokinetic lower-limb muscle strength matter?

    Alt, T., Komnik, I., Severin, J., Nodler, Y., Benker, R., Knicker, A., Brüggemann, G-P. & Strüder, H. K., 13.01.2021, in: International journal of sports physiology and performance . 16, 7, S. 974-984 11 S.

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