A comparison on the implementation of learn-to-swim classes into the Australian and German primary curriculum

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INTRODUCTION: The ability to swim not only prevents drowning, but also provides health and social benefits (1). Therefore, swimming and water safety education should be compulsorily implemented into primary school education. AIMS: The paper provides a comparison of learn-to-swim programs – their structure, content and implementation – in primary school education in Australia and Germany. International comparisons may help identifying ways to improve primary curricula in terms of implementing learn-to-swim classes. METHODS: The comparison focuses on the definition of a safe swimmer and nationwide guidelines as well as primary school curricula of the federal states Victoria (AUS) and Nordrhein-Westfalen (GER). Furthermore, the teacher requirements to teach learn-toswim classes at school were assessed. RESULTS: The Australian definition of safe swimmers comprises a greater range of skills and abilities, inter alia rescue skills. Nevertheless, both countries suggest children should accomplish the status safe swimmer after their respective definition before leaving a primary school. To reach this goal, the countries’ Ministries of Education provide only guidelines for learn-toswim classes in primary school education, which are implanted independently by each federal state. The Victorian curriculum includes more comprehensive tasks and seems to be framed more clearly than the German one. Furthermore, requirements for teachers to teach learn-to-swim classes appears to be higher in Australia. CONCLUSIONS: Existing structures and the content of the guideline in Germany don’t seem to be less comprehensive than their Australian equivalent, but they are not compulsorily implemented into the primary school curriculum of the federal states and the teacher education. REFERENCES: (1) Rheker, Uwe (2011): Spiel und Spaß für Anfänger. Integratives Schwimmen - grosse Sammlung von Spielen - Wassergewöhnung & erste Schwimmtechniken. 3. überarb. Aufl. Aachen: Meyer & Meyer (Alle ins Wasser, spielend schwimmen - schwimmend spielen / Uwe Rheker ; Bd. 1).
TitelAbstract Book : World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2019, Durban, October 8-12, Ubuntu: Growing global drowning prevention capacity
Herausgeber/inInternational Life Saving Federation
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 12.2019
VeranstaltungWorld Conference on Drowning Prevention: Ubuntu: growing global drowning prevention capacity; International Life Saving Federation World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2019 - Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre, Durban, Südafrika
Dauer: 08.10.201910.10.2019

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