A Systematic Quantitative Review of Authenticity in Sport Tourism

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Sport can function as an attraction facilitating an authentic experience of a destination for a tourist. Although the concept of authenticity has been reviewed in cultural heritage tourism and dining experiences during travel, less is known regarding authenticity in sport tourism. To avoid the over-staging of sport service products and the commodification of authenticity, the appreciation of authenticity in sport tourism is necessary. Therefore, the purpose of this systematic literature review was to assess the nature and extent of peer-reviewed research on authenticity in sport tourism. The PRISMA protocol was followed. Thirty-three peer-reviewed journal articles published in English were examined. The findings showed that authenticity had been discussed since 2005 in sport tourism. Most empirical research has been studied from an inductive perspective using a qualitative approach in Western countries. The common context in which sport tourism was researched has focused on active sport tourism. Methodological heterogeneity and a wide variety of geographical perspectives are needed to advance knowledge of authenticity in sport tourism. Moreover, our findings highlighted the lack of theory in authenticity research in sport tourism. The identified research gaps in this study suggest directions to understand better the sport tourists’ authentic experience for future studies.
ZeitschriftJournal of Sport & Tourism
Seiten (von - bis)26-41
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2021

ID: 6012866


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