Acoustic Information During Motor Control and Action Perception: A Review

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There is a whole body of research that provides evidence that the motor system plays a crucial role in controlling as well as perceiving movements. So far a lot of evidence for the interaction of action and perception derives from studies in the visual domain. However, up to now not much is known about the role of acoustic information. The focus of this review is to provide an overview regarding the role of the motor system and auditory sense during action perception and motor control. Recent theories and studies that discuss the interaction of perception and action will be reviewed with an emphasis on the use of acoustic information. Empirical evidence derived from behavioral as well as neuroscience research using simple as well as whole-body movements will be provided. Additionally, we will provide perspectives regarding future research questions to bring forward our understanding of the role of acoustic information in the control and perception of actions and its underlying mechanisms.
ZeitschriftThe Open Psychology Journal
HeftSuppl. 3:M3
Seiten (von - bis)183-191
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2015

ID: 1536530

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