Climate Change and the Olympic Movement: Discussing Climate Action and Climate Impacts within the Latin American Sport

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Climate change and sport have been an emerging topic for practitioners and academics recently. However, research from Global South countries (according to the Human-Development-Index) can be barely found. The purpose of this conference presentation is to raise awareness concerning climate issues within the Latin American Olympic Movement. Therefore, investigating on climate action by NOCs, NFs, and other sport organisation is the first step to set a basis to discuss future research. Secondly, climate science and possible effects on the sport in Latin America are linked to uncover climate impacts. The analysis illustrates while some initiatives were introduced to mitigate the environmental impact by sport organisation, examples for building resilient sport entities and infrastructure are still lacking. Mega-sport events’ sustainability strategies like the Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016 and the Pan America Games 2019 in Lima can in these matters serve as a role model for sport organisations within the Latin American sport. Furthermore, the assessment indicates that temperature changes, increasing and more severe weather phenomena as well as increasing sea water levels will impact sport severely. The impacts have a political, social, health and financial dimension which should be tackled by implementing preventive measures to respond quickly and adequately to climate hazards. To path a vision for the Olympic Movement in Latin America within a changing climate the conference presentation concludes to advance the research in sport ecology while taking geographical and cultural specificities into consideration. Building networks by scholars, practitioners and policy makers will help to broaden the discussion both within Olympic Studies and to understand what is needed to provide sporting opportunities within changing climate conditions in the future.
TitelAnais do Fórum de Estudos Olímpicos 2021 e III Simpósio Latino-Americano Pierre de Coubertin : Estudos e Pesquisas
Redakteure/-innenNelson Todt, Christian Roberto Kern, Ricardo Pedrozo Saldanha, Bianca Gama Pena
ErscheinungsortRio de Janeiro
Herausgeber (Verlag)Gama Assessoria Empresarial
ISBN (elektronisch)978-65-995711-3-8
PublikationsstatusElektronisch/ online veröffentlicht vor Drucklegung - 10.2021
VeranstaltungFórum de Estudos Olímpicos 2021 e III Simpósio
Latino-Americano Pierre de Coubertin
- Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), virtuell, Porto Alegre, Brasilien
Dauer: 21.10.202123.10.2021

ID: 6340788

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