Dried blood spots (DBS) in doping controls: a complementary matrix for improved in- and out-of-competition sports drug testing strategies

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A drop of whole blood dried on filter paper (Dried Blood Spots, DBS) represents an aspiring technique for minimally invasive sample collection in a multitude of analytical disciplines, e.g., therapeutic drug monitoring, preclinical drug development and diagnostic analysis of metabolic disorders in newborns. DBS sampling is characterized by cost-effectiveness, straightforwardness, robustness and facilitated storage and shipment conditions. The present investigation was conducted to highlight the opportunities arising from the implementation of DBS as a complementary matrix in doping control programs. Being frequently abused, three model compounds were chosen to represent the classes of anabolic agents (stanozolol and dehydrochloromethyltestosterone) and stimulants (pseudoephedrine). A quantitative method was developed and validated for the detection of the target analytes from DBS using liquid chromatography coupled to high resolution/high accuracy tandem mass spectrometry. The imprecision of the assay amounted to
ZeitschriftAnal. Methods
Seiten (von - bis)7596-7605
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2015

ID: 1359334

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