Expectations Regarding Workplace Health Coaching: A Qualitative Study With Stakeholders

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The integration of health coaching in workplace interventions has increased over the past several years. However, the tasks and the qualifications of the coaches have not been clearly defined. The objective of this qualitative study was to assess workplace stakeholders' expectations regarding a health coach. Systematic field notes of 11 meetings and 14 semi-structured interviews with stakeholders of a workplace intervention, including employees, company doctors, and representatives of health insurances, were analyzed according to the structured content analysis. Stakeholders reported that the main aspect of a health coach's work should be the motivation of clients (workers) to achieve their internally developed goals. Regarding the coach's competencies, personal, methodological, and social skills were desired. They also expected that the health coach use a range of different approaches to develop contacts and, in terms of content, focus on physical activity. These findings provide a step toward establishing criteria for professional health coaching and an evidence-based curriculum for coach training.

ZeitschriftWorkplace health & safety
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 31.03.2019

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Online: 31.03.2019

ID: 3668923


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