Free throw shooting performance under pressure: a social psychology critical review of research

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The Free-Throw Shot (FTS) in basketball is a unique uncontested closed skill undertaken during a stoppage in play at a uniform distance. In recent years, FTS has emerged as a prime target for stress research due to its highly controlled nature and its significant impact on the game outcome. In this narrative review, we appraise empirical research with a social-psychological focus on studying FTS success under pressure. This critical review comprises 44 empirical studies published up to June 2020. We first assess the importance of FTS within the game of basketball and study historical trends. We then elaborate on the unique psychological features of FTS. Subsequently, research on the undermining effects of pressure from both archival game studies and experiments is critically evaluated. We conclude with a discussion of performance in relationship to expertise and sources of threat. The review highlights current research deficiencies, provides recommendations for theoretical research and applied practice.
ZeitschriftInternational Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Seiten (von - bis)1-19
PublikationsstatusElektronisch/ online veröffentlicht vor Drucklegung - 27.09.2021

ID: 6611874


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