How Deeply Do We Include Robotic Agents in the Self?

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  • Anna Stenzel
  • Eris Chinellato
  • Angel P. Del Pobil
  • Markus Lappe
  • Roman Liepelt



In human-human interactions, a consciously perceived high degree of self-other overlap is associated with a higher degree of integration of the other person's actions into one's own cognitive representations. Here, we report data suggesting that this pattern does not hold for human-robot interactions. Participants performed a social Simon task with a robot, and afterwards indicated the degree of self-other overlap using the Inclusion of the Other in the Self (IOS) scale. We found no overall correlation between the social Simon effect (as an indirect measure of self-other overlap) and the IOS score (as a direct measure of self-other overlap). For female participants we even observed a negative correlation. Our findings suggest that conscious and unconscious evaluations of a robot may come to different results, and hence point to the importance of carefully choosing a measure for quantifying the quality of human-robot interactions.
TitelInternational Journal of Humanoid Robotics
ISBN (Print)0219843613500
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2013

ID: 2756899

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