Impact of physical activity on course and outcome of pregnancy from pre- to postnatal

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A healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity has numerous positive effects on the mother and child during and after pregnancy. In this context physical activity plays a central role due to its influence on body composition. While visceral fatty tissue has a pro-inflammatory effect via so-called adipokines, myokines seem to have a more anti-inflammatory effect and thus prevent numerous diseases such as gestational hypertension or gestational diabetes. However, many women show a decreased level of physical activity during pregnancy when compared to pre-gestation levels. The reasons underlying this change are manifold and include concern about the effects of physical exertion on the unborn child. Gynaecologists and midwives are also often uncertain about what specific advice to give regarding physical activity. The present review describes, besides the underlying mechanisms, current physical activity recommendations and corresponding evidence with a focus on weight development in terms of obesity, gestational diabetes and foetal outcome.

ZeitschriftEuropean journal of clinical nutrition
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 07.04.2021

ID: 5955414


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