Music, meaning and movement in breaking

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Music is a powerful parameter within the urban dance culture of Breaking (also referred to as Bboying, Breakdance; a style of hip-hop dance or street dance). As an ingredient in the emergence of Breaking, music impacted and still shapes the movement fluidity and quality of Breaking. It also influences the energy of the moving dancer. Hence, DJs choose specific music to create a particular atmosphere for competition or exchange of dancers. Next to music, Breaking movements, their quality and fluidity are based on and influenced by cultural roots, e.g. cultural traditions of the African diaspora (Rose 1994), as well as individual experiences and music taste of a dancer: “Every time a dancer enters the circle, their history is revealed to experienced dancers through their movements” (Fogarty 2010, p. 74). The circle (or cypher) on the dancefloor creates the space for exchange and competition; it defines the cultural context of Breaking. Following the diacritical concept of movement (Fikus und Schürmann 2004) within a theory of practice approach, a moving body is connected with a meaning. The diacritical concept unites movement and meaning into a complex sign which must be observed as an equal unity. In Breaking, movement and meaning is based on the roots of emergence and expressed and situated within the cultural context. This presentation, based on a PhD project within dance and movement science, investigates influences on movement and meaning, movement quality and movement fluidity in Breaking within the cultural context. It claims an impact by cultural roots, music, and context. The lecture demonstration stresses the element of music. Research results are based on literature research, interviews with internationally known dancers, and participating and non-participating field observation of practice and competition in Breaking.
TitelAISPM Conference Canada 150: Music and Belonging : Musique et appartenance
Herausgeber/inUniversity of Toronto
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 25.05.2017
VeranstaltungCanada 150: Joint meeting - Toronto, Kanada
Dauer: 25.05.201727.05.2017
Konferenznummer: 2017

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Teilnehmer: Canadian Assoc. of Music Libraries..., Canadian Soc. for Traditional Music, Canadian Music Society, Internat. Assoc. for the Study of Popular Music

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