Police training revisited - Meeting the demands of conflict training in police with an alternative pedagogical approach

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While operational actions place high demands on police officers, conflict training aims to prepare them for the demands of deployment and thus forms the central hinge between professional practice and education. However, international data suggest a problem: the transfer of competence between training and deployment must be improved. The following article identifies pedagogical design and practice as the key factors in making this leap. To illustrate this point, the evidence-based constraints-led approach (CLA) is introduced. By dealing with key concepts as well as the practical implications of the CLA for conflict training in police, the article provides an orientation for police trainers and their practice as well as for the further professionalization of police training.
ZeitschriftPolicing: A Journal of Policy and Practice
Seiten (von - bis)927–938
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 12.12.2020

ID: 5472045

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