Regression, Progression and Renewal: The Continuous Redevelopment of Expertise in Police Use of Force Coaching

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The identification and very development of expertise in police use of force (PUOF) coaches is key for professionality on an operational and organizational level. While the difference between working in the field and working as a PUOF coach has not been thoroughly investigated, research in other professional domains has shown that practical competence in the subject matter is not sufficient of being an effective coach for that subject matter. Against this background, the purpose of this article is to contribute to the conceptualization of expert practice in PUOF coaching. By discussing models of expertise, particularly focusing on “territories of expertise”, (a) the dynamical and contextual character of expertise within the PUOF domain is pointed out. By conceptualizing expertise as a process and effect of communication we (b) provide a framework for describing and examining the interdependency between performance-based and reputation-based expertise, resulting in practical challenges that needed to be addressed by professionalized law enforcement institutions. For this, the article proposes some practical recommendations for addressing these issues.
ZeitschriftEuropean Journal for Security Research
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 16.10.2020

ID: 5471997


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